Study Abroad Student Travel Journal: Paris, France

February 3rd, 2017


Being in the city of love, I can easily to say I fell head over heels for Paris. Paris has just always been a city I have been longing to visit. I admire the whole aesthetic and culture of the Parisian lifestyle, as well as the french language. For me, it is still quite extraordinary to just simply utter the words “I went to Paris” for the weekend. I am not sure how many people at the age of 20 can say they had this kind opportunity to travel. That being said, I am extremely lucky and grateful. 

Day 1: Arriving at Charles De Gaulle Airport


In order to get the complete “French” experience, I flew from Heathrow and jetted off to Paris with Air France. From the flight on I began to hear French more and more frequently. That is when it began to hit me that I was actually going to Paris! The flight to Paris was quite nice, I actually slept all the way through it since I had gotten zero sleep the night before. I never realized how quick of it flight it was from London to Paris. Before I knew it I was finally off the plane and in line for immigration (which took forever).

Welcome to the City of Lights

Normally I prefer arriving at my destination during the day, however there was something magical about seeing Paris at the night. I mean, I was driving directly into the city of lights at night. The best part is our uber driver drove us directly under the lit up Eiffel Tower. It was quite stunning, I am not even in Paris for an hour and i’m already seeing one of the most beautiful landmarks in the world.

Of course, I would be lying if I said the rest of my first night in Paris was as glamorous as Iv’e made it sound thus far. After the uber dropped me off near my airbnb, I met the host who would be giving me the keys to my flat. The host was extremely nice, she even gave me the classic European greeting a kiss on both cheeks. However, the flat itself, not so nice. A word of caution my friends, when looking for a flat to stay in Paris be aware you will be climbing endless flights of stairs, in my case it was seven. As we finally reached the door to the flat, she opened up to reveal a room with a sofa bed and a shower inside that actually room with clear doors and no curtain. The pictures of the flat itself were completely misleading when I look back on it,  I was unpleasantly surprised. However, I was not going to let a crappy airbnb ruin my weekend, after all I am in Paris.


Day 2: Exploration de Paris


One restless night of sleep and a seven flights of stairs down and I was finally outside to enjoy my first full day in Paris. The weather was beautiful and day was off to a good start. While my friend who I was staying with took a shower, I decided to go to a local “boulangerie” around the corner. I have to say I impressed myself when I broke out the minimal French I knew to order a delicious brownie. Surprisingly you can get quite far in Paris with “Je voudrais,” (I would like) “oui,” (yes) “merci” (Thank you), and of course my favourite, “parlez vous anglais” (Do you speak english?).