About Me

Vicki (“Evridiki”) Gouvalis



Hello, I am Evridiki  (pronounced Ev-Ree-Dee-Kee) Gouvalis but most of my friends call me Vicki. I am originally from the historic city of Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. I have lived in Bethlehem all of my life, having been educated in the Bethlehem Area School District and graduating from Freedom High School in 2014. Growing up in a unique little city like Bethlehem has shaped my appreciation for history and culture. However, it has also inspired me to expand beyond the small city upon selecting a university. Fast forwarding 3 years later, I am currently Journalism Major with a Minor in Political Science at Temple University.

If you couldn’t already tell by my ancient Greek first name, I am ethnically 100% Greek. I go by Vicki as it is much easier but am proud to share a unique and beautiful name with my Grandmother. That being said, I am proud of my heritage. It has shaped my worldview and identity and I am proud to be part of the Greek American Community.


My parents have always instilled the belief that working toward a job I love should always be my goal since they did not have the same opportunity in life. With their advice in mind, I have always been developing career goals. Going forward, I picture myself seeking a career in editorial writing film critique, and even screenplay writing and production. Using my writing craft to research topics from an analytical and critical lens is something I am very passionate about. To be on the creative side of writing and producing, whether it be for a television pilot or a screenplay I am always looking to take my writing to a creative place.

Aside from the entertainment industry, I have been interested in diving into the editorial aspect of both cuisine and travel. Whether it be trying a new restaurant in town, or traveling to a new place, I will be sure to document the experience and share it with others.I consider myself an optimist, who will give 100% commitment to whatever task I am given. It would be very rewarding to have a career that gives me the opportunity to utilize my passion for writing to provide others with a unique perspective.

Fun Facts about Me

Now to the fun stuff! Some interesting facts about me are that I danced (ballet, hip-hop, jazz, and lyrical) for 13 years, and did competitive figure skating for 7 years, and was an ensemble cast member of both Urine Town and Les Miserables in high school. All those years of dance, skating, and theater certainly kept me busy but also inspired me to pick up some more skills over the years. Since music is a big part of my life I really enjoy playing piano and guitar.

While I love playing music, I also love listening to it as well, particularly from my record player or studio beats. If me owning a record player hasn’t already indicated it, I consider myself an old soul. The 1960’s is my favorite era,so much so that I would hop on the next time machine and move there.  The whole aesthetic, fashion, music, entertainment and lifestyle of the 1960’s is so fascinating and I have deep admiration for it. Even in my style, I always try to incorporate the 60’s in some capacity, whether it is styling my makeup after Brigitte Bardot or wearing my Baroque Prada sunglasses. This is not to say I do not like anything modern, I generally love the pop culture and the aesthetic of most decades in different ways. I pride myself in knowing the most random facts on era, even if its say a popular television show or a cultural icon of the time.

Brigitte Bardot, 1967 on set of Bonnie and Clyde
Prada Baroque Sunglasses which resemble circular mod sunglasses of the 1960’s












In my leisure time, I really enjoy watching television, movies, and Netflix. I can proudly call myself a Mad Men enthusiast, having watched every season. I also am a big Saturday Night Live fan (particularly 70’s through early 2000’s). When it comes to movies, I watch mostly every genre, whether it is a mainstream film or independent film.

Mad Men from Slate
Saturday Night Live
SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE — Pictured: “Saturday Night Live” Logo — NBC Photo









Being in a major city like Philadelphia has really diversified my interests. While living in Philadelphia for 3 years, I have a whole new appreciation trying cuisines at various restaurants. Going out to eat in the city has to be one of my favorite things about Philadelphia. I have become quite experienced in the restaurant scene, having many friends ask me for recommendations on places to eat, which I am happy to provide.

Nutella Waffle, Eataly
Smores Shakes, Village Whiskey